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  • Presentation Skills

  • Personal Appearance and Demeanor Consulting

  • Assessment Center Training

African American Man dressed in a suit.

Small Businesses & Corporations

  • Entertaining and Etiquette

  • Develop Compliance and Diversity Programs

  • International Protocol

  • Relationship Management Services

  • Corporate Employee Manual

  • Business Development

  • Management Training

Hipster Hairstyle

Restaurants & Hospitality

  • Guest Service Vision

  • Staff Training

  • Marketing

Photo of a salad bowl sitting on a table with a green table cloth and a green background.

Police, Fire, Sheriff and State Patrol Promotional Assessment Center

  • Individualized Consulting

  • In-Basket Preparation

  • Oral Board and Interviewing Preparation

  • Role Play Exercise

  • Tactical Exercise- Hot Seat Preparation

  • Written Exam Preparation

Fire Hoses


  • EDI Consulting

Image by CDC

Private Homes

  • Staff Training

  • Entertaining

  • Employee Manuals

  • Relationship Management Services

  • Design Concept Plans

  • Concierge Service

Meditating at Home


  • Consulting

  • International Protocol

Country Flags

Public Safety Training

  • Entry level for Police, Fire, Sheriff and State Patrol

  • Written Exam Preparation and Tutoring

  • Oral Boards and Interviewing Preparation

Police Cars

Construction Industry Specific Training

  • 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety

  • 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety

  • Construction Management and Safety Training

  • Marketing Plan for a Small Construction Business

  • Business Development Services for Small Construction Business

Construction Engineers
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