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Blayne Backer

Public Safety Instructor

Blayne Backer currently a firefighter/EMT with West Metro Fire Rescue. Blayne has been with the department since 2020. Blayne is a native to Colorado specifically the metro area. Obtained his degree in Human Development in 2019 from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Blayne's experience, knowledge, and certifications include Technical Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, Fire Academy Instructor, and Emergency Medicine. As a previous student of Classique LLC, his goal is to help and assist others to accomplish their dreams of serving their communities. 

Brooke Simms

Public Safety Instructor

Brooke Simms is originally from Austin, TX, Brooke Simms and her husband Dosh followed their love of fitness, the outdoors, mountains, and “ 300 days of sunshine” to Colorado in 2016. After delivering her firstborn in 2017, Brooke began to pursue fire full-time, again, and became a Classique student shortly after. Nearly four years since she first started applying to departments, her dream finally came true as she began getting offers from fire departments across the nation. Brooke accepted an offer from Aurora Fire Rescue (AFR) and became a member of the organization in April 2019. She currently holds the rank of firefighter with AFR and has a desire to promote. Brooke and Dosh are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Shiloh and Zion.

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