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Fire Hoses

Public Safety Instructors

Blayne Backer

Public Safety Instructor

Blayne Backer currently a firefighter/EMT with West Metro Fire Rescue. Blayne has been with the department since 2020. Blayne is a native to Colorado specifically the metro area. Obtained his degree in Human Development in 2019 from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Blayne's experience, knowledge, and certifications include Technical Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, Fire Academy Instructor, and Emergency Medicine. As a previous student of Classique LLC, his goal is to help and assist others to accomplish their dreams of serving their communities. 

Bryan M. Parker

Public Safety Instructor

Working with the Denver Fire Department as a Fire Fighter 1st Grade position would entail a lot of responsibilities. Bryan M. Parker, for instance, is the Senior Firefighter on Truck Company 02 at Station 02 in Green Valley Ranch. This section of Denver Colorado is growing very fast with Hotels, Commercial Buildings, Schools, and Single Family and Multi-Family Dwellings. Acting as Truck Company Officer, acting as Truck Company Engineer that has pumps on it (Apparatus Operator), and as Senior Fire Fighter, these positions require many years of working many shifts on Denver’s engine and truck Companies.


These positions make Bryan responsible for managing and leading a group of more than 24 individuals composed of 2 truck companies, 3 engine companies, a rescue company, R. I. T (rescue intervention team), and other personnel or companies added to the incident until the District Chief comes and takes on the scene as Incident Commander.


Bryan's main functions as Senior Fire Fighter include a daily routine of apparatus inventory and making sure all tools and medical supplies are in the state of readiness. Be available to train or teach any training scenario for the day. Perform I hour of physical fitness alone or with the Truck 02 crew. Mentor and help train the junior or probationary firefighters assigned to truck 02. On calls, be the leader on medical calls by providing support for the junior firefighter. During the hazard situations, keep the officer informed on what duties need to apply to mitigate the problems, which includes, forcible entry, search, ventilation, looking for fires along with extensions, On all hazards incidents, being the lead personnel, and making the safety of my crew is Paramount.


During his 10 years of service, Bryan has held various key leadership positions involving increasing safety, accountability, and authority levels. In 2013, Bryan got assigned as 858 Union Steward for Denver Fire Station 10 in Park Hill. He was responsible for being the liaison to give information from the 858 Union to the Engine 10 Company.


His next assignment was in part of the Denver Fire Department Honor Guard. It is all volunteer services that include performing the Denver Fire and United States flag for graduation ceremonies, Funerals, parades, Fair wells, and other functions required for the department. Bryan’s various positions were sitting on orals interviews boards for entry-level firefighters, Candidate Apprentice Programs, and Denver Fire Emergency Medical Technicians.


In 2013, Bryan got assigned to Station 10 as firefighter with an engine company. Being a junior fire fighter and learning the task of hose management and the duties on an engine company was made Bryan want to learn more about the fire service and move over to Truck Company,


From 2019 to Present, Bryan was elected as the Elective Commissioner for the Denver Fire Department Local 858 Union. His responsibility was overseeing the voting process for over 1000 members during the Covid 19 pandemic which required the process to done over a computer virtually.


Being a member of Denver Firefighters Incorporated for Racial Equality, Colorado Professional Black Fire Fighters and Delta Psi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.


Bryan also has military experience from 2006 to the present serving as a United States Navy Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, attached to the United States Marine Corps. Assigned to 3 combat deployments with the infantry battalion to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, he understands the importance of completing the mission. While overseas providing medical support and winning the hearts and minds of the local civilians, he was given many awards which included the Navy and Marine Corps Accommodation Medal


In terms of Bryan's other educational accomplishments, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications at North Carolina State University. He also earned a Master's degree in Communications at Ohio University. Finally, Bryan was also a graduate of Los Angeles Valley College with an Associates Science degree in Fire Science.

Brooke Simms

Public Safety Instructor

Brooke Simms is originally from Austin, TX, Brooke Simms and her husband Dosh followed their love of fitness, the outdoors, mountains, and “ 300 days of sunshine” to Colorado in 2016. After delivering her firstborn in 2017, Brooke began to pursue fire full-time, again, and became a Classique student shortly after. Nearly four years since she first started applying to departments, her dream finally came true as she began getting offers from fire departments across the nation. Brooke accepted an offer from Aurora Fire Rescue (AFR) and became a member of the organization in April 2019. She currently holds the rank of firefighter with AFR and has a desire to promote. Brooke and Dosh are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Shiloh and Zion.

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