Classique, LLC - Products and Services

Classique, LLC is a full service company, offering the following:


  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal Appearance and Demeanor Consulting
  • Assessment Center Training
  • Etiquette

Small Business and Corporations

  • Entertaining and Etiquette
  • Develop Compliance and Diversity Programs
  • International Protocol
  • Relationship Management Services
  • Corporate Employee Manual
  • Business Development
  • Management Training


  • Consulting
  • Entertaining Training
  • International Protocol


  • Guest Service Vision
  • Staff Training
  • Marketing


Public Safety Training

  • Entry level for Police, Fire, Sheriff and State Patrol
  • Written Exam Preparation and Tutoring
  • Oral Boards and Interviewing Preparation


Police, Fire, Sheriff and State Patrol Promotional Assessment Center

  • Individualized Consulting
  • In-Basket Preparation
  • Oral Board and Interviewing Preparation
  • Role Play Exercise
  • Tactical Exercise- Hot Seat Preparation
  • Written Exam Preparation


Construction Industry Specific Training

  • 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety
  • 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety
  • Construction Management and Safety Training
  • Marketing Plan for a Small Construction Business
  • Business Development Services for Small Construction Business


  • Entertaining and Etiquette Training        


Private Homes

  • Staff Training
  • Entertaining
  • Employee Manuals
  • Relationship Management Services
  • Design Concept Plans
  • Concierge Service


Personnel Placement Services


Classique, LLC    Statement of Qualification


Classique, LLC is a private client service company-focused on meeting and exceeding our clients specialized requirements.  We provide a single point-of-contact for your diverse requirements for Individuals, Small Business, Corporations, Government Agencies, Universities, Colleges and Schools.


  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Compliance/Diversity
  • Business Development
  • Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
  • Personnel Placement Services
  • International Business Etiquette
  • Event Planning
  • OSHA/ 30 hr./ 10 hr. Training
  • CPR/First Aid Training

Work Codes

  • NAICS-236220: Construction Management , Commercial and Institutional Building
  • NAICS-237110: Construction Management, Water and Sewer Line
  • NAICS-237310: Construction Management, Highway, Road, Street and Bridge
  • NAICS-237990:Construction Management, Tunnel
  • NAICS-541810: Advertising Agencies
  • NAICS-541910: Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling
  • NAICS-541990: Scientific and Technical Services
  • NAICS-561210: Facilities (Except Computer Operation) Support Services
  • NAICS-561311: Employment Agencies
  • NAICS-561499: All Other Business Support Services
  • NAICS-611430: Management Development Training


  • Denver -401: Construction Management and Related Services
  • Denver -50102: Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing/Graphics
  • Denver -50103 Consulting
  • Denver -50110 Records Management
  • Denver -510 Personnel Placement Services
  • Denver -513 Public Involvement and Hearings
  • Denver -521 Miscellaneous Services/International Etiquette
  • Denver -522: Facilities Management

Relevant Past & Current Projects

  • FasTracks, RTD-Colorado
  • Disparity Study-Dept of Transportation-Arizona
  • Democratic National Convention 2008
  • West Corridor LRT project
  • RTD’s Eagle P3 Project, Proposal
  • Eagle P3 Denver Transit Constructors (DTC)
  • Obama Campaign-Organizing For America (OFA) 2012
  • Denver RTD West Corridor Survey

Partcial Client List

  • Global Transportation
  • LTK Engineering Services
  • Front Range Systems Consultants
  • Regional Transportation District-Colorado
  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Girl Scouts of Colorado
  • Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee-Democratic National Committee
  • Bangert Contracting Services, Inc.
  • Xcel Energy
  • Standard Parking
  • Denver Sister Cities International, Inc.
  • Honorary Consul for Mongolia
  • The Boston House
  • RMES Communications, Inc.
  • BRT Protective Services
  • Keep it Klose
  • Cohn Marketing
  • Millstone Bangert Contracting Services, Inc
  • Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma
  • Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc.
  • Herzog Hospital –Jerusalem
  • Mountain Air transit Partners, a joint venture of Kiewit, Herzog, Stacy & Witbeck
  • Kiewit
  • Denver Transit Constructors (DTC) part of the Denver Transit Partners (DTP) Team
  • Organizing for America-Barack Obama-Campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama
  • University of Colorado-Colorado Springs- Trauma/ Blue Sun, Inc;
  • Preferred Maintenance
  • Higher Level, LLC
  • Dikita Enterprises, Inc.
  • Atielah Construction, Inc.


  • Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)
  • Rocky Mountain Minority Contractors Assoc.
  • Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce
  • Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Hispanic Contractors of Colorado
  • RTD-Workforce Initiative Now- WINN-Partner


Certifications, LICENSES & PERMITS

  • 2007 Construction Management  Training –Turner Construction-University of Denver Business School
  • DBE-Colorado Dept of Transportation
  • SBE-City and County of Denver
  • SBE-Regional Transportation  District
  • M/WBE-City  and County of Denver
  • DBE- Minnesota
  • DBE-Arizona
  • DBE-Texas
  • SBA E200 Graduate-Nov. 2009
  • SDB


Contact Information

Selena L. Dunham, Principal 303-775-8382 mobile, 303-750-0488 office 303-745-9007 fax    email address: